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Upcoming Conference! Linking KM and Innovation to Drive and Sustain Organizational Effectiveness

We are thrilled to announce that Blake Melnick, Chief Knowledge Officer Knowledge Management Institute of Canada and Dr. Thomas Carey, Executive-in-Residence for Teaching and Learning Innovation BC Association of Institutes and Universities (BCAIU) Have been asked to present at the upcoming Conference Board of Canada, Council on Information and Knowledge Management, Linking KM and Innovation to Drive and Sustain Organizational Effectiveness on September 28-29th 2017 In Ottawa.


KM is Key to Advancing Innovation in Canada 

Thomas and Blake have been working with a team of researchers, academics and private-sector organizations to develop a new learning model for post-secondary education. The model looks to treat the classroom as an innovation workspace - integrating learning with work in real time. They believe "the bridge” necessary to unite the worlds of academia and work is Knowledge Management and participants will learn why and how.

The Conference Board of Canada’s meeting objectives are to explore the challenges and best practices on how organizations are leveraging the linkage between KM and innovation, examine key strategies to deliver knowledge excellence and what you can do differently. As well as network and engage in open and frank discussions with fellow peers in a trusted environment.

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For our new and existing members, we are excited to announce that KMIC has had the opportunity to partner with The Conference Board of Canada and we will be able to offer our members a discounted rate to attend the upcoming conference in Ottawa.

Please see both the agenda and registration form below.

We hope to see you there!

CIKM Agenda - September 2017

CIKM Registration Form - September 2017

Attention KMIC Members

We are thrilled to announce that KMIC has had the opportunity to partner with The Conference Board of Canada and will be will able to offer our members a discounted rate to attend their upcoming conference in Toronto:

 Science, Technology and Innovation Policy 2017: New Thinking for the Disruptive Age.

“Disruptive technologies and the digital age are having major impacts on private and public sector organizations across Canada. How can we leverage these changes to help keep businesses and government innovative and to help sustain long-term success?”

“At this event, you will hear experts from across Canada and internationally share their insights on how to proactively manage change resulting from the continual emergence of disruptive technologies.”

“Join us and help influence the future of innovation in Canada by attending on May 10th, you will be part of a discussion on the impact of digitalization and disruptive technologies on business and government and the important role that leadership plays in embracing these changes.”

The conference will take place on May 9th and 10th 2017, in Toronto. The regular attendance fee is $895 but our members are able to register at the special rate of $695. Click here to get more information and to register!

Conference Board of Canada Event Details 

Registration Form - KMIC Special Rate 

A Glimpse of What's New for 2017

2017 will be an exciting year for the Knowledge Management Institute of Canada. We are launching our new brand which includes a new look, a new website as well as a host of new KM products and services.

Here's a brief peak at what you can expect:


The Canadian Centre for Studies in Knowledge Management

Is our new Education entity. The CCKM was created to bring our clients and membership the best in class KM education programs from the Knowledge Management Institute of Canada and from providers from around the world.

Customizable Just in Time, On the Job, as Needed, Training & Learning Modules

We have learned much from our years providing training and certification programs to organizations in Canada and around the world. More important, we have paid close attention to the needs of our clients and our members. Simply put, you've told us that you need training and learning programs which are less costly, more flexible, unique to the culture and learning needs or your organization, and which can be delivered where and when you need to learn.


In the Knowledge Age, the single greatest attribute for determining success is a person's ability to learn. Work and learning are no longer separate and distinct activities. As a result of exponential change, we all need to be on a continuous trajectory of learning. Mico-credentialing will be a way to demonstrate that in pursuit of new knowledge, you are abreast of change, relevant and current with awareness of emergent ideas, methodologies, and technologies.

Research and Innovation

At the heart of our mandate is to support research and innovation in Canada and 2016 - 2017 will be an exciting year for KMIC and our members. We have been actively looking for the best vehicles and programs, which can demonstrate a definable return on investment for organizations committed to investing in innovative research and development programs.

SR&ED with a KM Twist

The SR&ED program developed by the Government of Canada, has been around for many years. Those organizations that are aware of the program, and who have been successful in their grant aplications, know the tremendous potential value of SR&ED. The problem for most organizations, particularly small and medium sized firms is that meeting the SR&ED requirements is a very knowledge intensive process, demanding significant technical, accounting and legal knowledge, experience and know how.

We are delighted to have two of the foremost experts in SR&ED joining our team this year, Mark Krebs and Brian Leve. Collectively Mark and Brian have filed more successful SR&ED applications than any other individuals in Canada.

However we have gone one step further and built upon their knowledge and expertise, to create an enhanced value proposition for our clients, by developing a KM solution which integrates with the SR&ED Program and delivers a Return On Investment in the following areas:

  • Improved capacity for innovation within your organization
  • Creation of institutional memory for your current grant application as well as for future R&D initiatives
  • A far more efficient and effective means for managing the process, reducing labour and time costs associated with the grant application.

Best of all with the exception of an initial consultation and set up fee (only applicable if we determine your project is eligible using our pre-qualification instrument) you don't pay us anything unless we are successful.

Research Projects

We are passionate about the need to create a better bridge between the World of Academia and the World of Work, so that graduates have the right attributes and most import, the right mindset to be successful contributors in the growth of the knowledge based economy, regardless of their degree or the industry they choose for employment.

We have identified a research opportunity to use KM as the bridge between the two worlds, by establishing a common language to allow business and academic leaders to have productive conversations about the attributes and mindsets required from graduates as they enter the workforce, and then to use this knowledge to develop new learning models for undergraduate education.

Advisory Services

Organizations need help establishing, rejuvenating and supporting their knowledge strategy and KM initiatives. The problem is traditional consulting often does produce the long term, sustainable results your organization is expecting. For smaller firms, many of which have the greatest need for KM expertise, hiring professional consultants or consulting firms is simply too expensive.

Even if your organization is able to afford to engage a consultant, an all too common occurrence is the consultant comes in, gets your organization pointed in the right direction and then leaves to pursue other engagements, leaving your organization without the much needed expertise when you encounter unanticipated challenges down the road. Let’s face it convincing people in your organizations to “change the way we do things around here” is extremely hard  - it takes time and perseverance - there is no "magic bullet" or "quick fix".

KM Lifeline

KM LifeLine© is an advisory solution designed to provide ongoing support for your organization’s KM initiatives in the most flexible and cost efficient way possible. Our goal is to help you build your knowledge strategy, while capturing all outcomes and supporting material in context, for future reference by your organization.

CEO Walk & Talk - People think better on their feet

Adapted from a common practice used by many psychologists and therapists, to help their patients move forward in their lives while addressing personal challenges, the CEO Walk and Talk combines strategic business discussion with movement. Prior to developing a knowledge strategy, it is important to understand the needs, motivations and business priorities of the executives within a given organization - The CEO Walk and Talk can either a valuable first step towards developing a knowledge strategy, or an opportunity to discuss how to improve your organizations KM practice by discussing current knowledge management challenges.

Technologies of Use

We have been investigating and identifying technologies, which we believe will be game changers in the KM field. Technologies, which have the following characteristics:

  • Flexible
  • Easy to use
  • Supports for outcome based collaboration
  • Scalable in terms of cost, size of the organization as well as adaptable to the evolving knowledge needs of your organization
  • Easily integratable with existing systems
  • The means to identify useful and usable knowledge leading to improved profitability, productivity and performance
  • Robust analytics

We are delighted to now be working with a number of incubators and start-ups to help them bring their solutions to market.  This will be of particular benefit to our members who will have a "first look" at these emergent technologies and be able to purchase them at a significantly discounted member's rate.

Members First

The Knowledge Management Institute of Canada and the Canadian Centre for Knowledge Management is a membership organization. Everything we do will be geared towards creating value for our members, First and foremost. All discoveries, new technologies, research and services will be offered to our member's First, and at a preferred member rate. Members will have the opportunity to participate in beta testing of new products and services, First. Employment and business opportunities will be presented to our members, First.

Our members will have the opportunity to help shape the Institute going forward, by giving us their ideas and feedback through participation in our Member Knowledge Xchange environment. Come JOIN US!


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