KMIC is launching a new career service for its members of all levels


For Employers:

  • Are you looking to fill a Knowledge Management role within your organization?
  • Are you looking for help developing the position profile and the job description?
  • Do you need an assessment instrument or interview guide to ensure you can attract and hire the
  • best candidate?
  • Do you need an experienced KM professional to assist with the candidate selection process?
  • Do you need to target your job posting to a community of KM experts rather than individuals withlittle or no KM experience?

 For Recent Graduates and Seasoned KM Professionals:


  • Are you looking for new career opportunity in the KM field?
  • Are you tired of looking for positions KM through internet job boards or using headhunters thathave little or no knowledge of KM?


If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, we can help.


KMIC has trained more KM professionals from private corporations, not for profits, and public sector organizations than any other firm in Canada. We can help ensure you find the right person to fill the KM role within your organization.



CareerSight© is a simple way to ensure your job posting is targeted specifically to individuals with KM experience. When you register with CareerSight©, your job postings will reach everyone within our community including past graduates and current students along with KMIC members and partner organizations.



If you are interested in filling a KM related career posting for your organization, send us a copy of the posting and we will make it available on our website, as well as distribute it to our membership in a separate email message.



If you are interested in utilizing KMIC’s CareerSight© services, please email us at



Only individuals and organizations registered as KMIC members are eligible to access and use CareerSight©. Click the link below to register as a member:



*Please ensure that you specify how long the career vacancy is open to applications, so that our site reflects the needs of your organization. 


Prices for posting on CareerSight© (unlimited words):



Free Members: $200.00 per posting, flat rate

Professional Members: $150.00 per posting, flat rate

Corporate Membership: $125.00 per posting, flat rate

Non-Members: $250.00 per posting, flat rate 



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