KM Specialist Certifications

KMIC Specialist Programs

KMIC offers two types of Specialist Programs

1. Sector Focused

2. Role Focused

Sector Focused Programs

All of our sector focused programs are designed around the same common core curriculum of our world renowned certification programs. This ensures students have a solid foundation of understanding of proven Knowledge Management methods, practices and strategies irrespective of the sector or the Industry in which they work.

Why Re-invent the Wheel or Repeat Past Mistakes

Research and experience has shown us the knowledge challenges facing all industries are common ones:  How do we prevent the loss of critical knowledge? How can we improve operational effectiveness and productivity? How do we leverage knowledge as a competitive differentiator in the markets in which we operate? etc. However the approaches to addressing these challenges can vary quite significantly from one industry to another.

At KMIC we understand the importance of "looking outside" your organization and your industry to see how others' are attempting to address these challenges - makes sense - why reinvent the wheel?

By choosing to attend one of our specific industry focused programs, you are adopting the practice of the best KM practitioners as well as the greatest innovators and knowledge builders in human history - innovation comes from building upon the ideas and best practices of others from across disciplines.

Role Focused Programs

Knowledge Management is a broad field that stretches across all the operational areas of your organization - HR, IT, Finance, Production, Research etc. While our CKP and CKM programs provide an excellent foundation  for understanding and applying KM principles and practices as well as giving you the tools abd strategies necessary for designing, developing and delivering knowledge managment initiatives, we recognize that as your KM practice grows there is a need to develop areas of specialization amongst your KM team.

Coming Soon...

In consultation with business leaders across a wide variety of industries, KMIC has determined there is a need to provide training, learning and certification programs which reflect key KM roles being performed by individuals within organizations.

As a result of this input, KMIC will be launching specialist certifications targeted at the following KM roles:

KM Architect Certificate

The Architect certification is designed for individuals with an IT focus who have the mandate to  design and  build knowledge based systems to support effective knowledge capture and transfer.

KM Analyst Certificate

The Analyst certification is designed for individuals with a research and performance management mandate. The program with explore research methodologies as well as assessment and evaluations strategies for realizing a return on investement from knowledge management initiatives.

Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) Certification

The CKO certification is focused on strategy and designed for senior level managers and executives who are charged with developing a knowledge management strategy, as a key component of the overall corporate strategy of their organization.

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