KM Workshops and Executive Briefs

KMIC is pleased to offer specific workshops on topics such as:

  • Identifying and conveying the knowledge Imperative to acheive buy-in across the organization
  • Knowledge based succession planning
  • Applying KM principles and practices to support sucessful mergers and acquistions
  • Designing your on-boarding and orientation programs using Knowledge Managment practices to improve the time to compentency of new hires
  • Understanding the innovation dynamic and how to build it into your workflow processes
  • Integrating a Knowledge Management strategy into your organization's corporate startegy
  • Designing your workplace structures to support knowledge capture, transfer, translation in support of improved operational effectiveness
  • Impact of Social Media on corporate governance
  • Improving productivity - "Putting the right knowledge into the hands of the right people at the right time"
  • Creating a knowledge centric culture to drive continual improvement and innovation

These workshops can be held on-site at your workplace, or we can arrange for the workshop at our training facility.

 Contact us to discuss your workshop needs.

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