The success of any organization lies with its people and their personal commitment, not just to their organization, but to their profession and to society as a whole (Melnick B., Lamon M., 2003)

The Knowledge Management Institute of Canada Incorporated (KMIC) is a training, learning and research institute and consultancy dedicated to helping Canadian industries thrive in the increasingly competitive global knowledge–based economy.

KMIC helps organizations transform themselves for the Knowledge Age by addressing challenges associated with the aging worker population and the pending loss of critical knowledge, the emergent learning needs of the new generation of workers and the need to change organizational structures to more effectively leverage knowledge as a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving global marketplace.

“Knowledge is the only critical asset in an organization that walks out your door every day. What are you doing to make sure it is retained and leveraged within your organization?” (Jennifer Smith in the recently released Electricity Sector Council's, Knowledge Management Report, 2011)


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