July 2012

Blake Melnick, KMIC's Chief Knowledge Officer to present at the Institute for Knowledge Innovation and Technology's Summer Institute

Blake Melnick, KMIC's CKO will be presenting at this year's Summer Institute at the Institute for Knowledge Innovation and Technology (IKIT) at OISE/UT.

The theme of the 16th Annual Summer Institute is, Building Cultural Capacity for Innovation.

According to Blake Melnick, the seminal work of Dr. Marlene Scardamalia,  Dr. Carl Bereieter and the IKIT global research network:

Has had a profound impact on the field of Knowledge Management and particularly upon our understanding of how to create the necessary cultural and technological conditions to support innovation and the continuous evolution of best practices at both the individual and organization level

Blake Melnick along with Fernando Diaz del Castillo, Jose Garcia-Ramirez, Stian Haklev and Richard Reeve, will be part of a panel leading a discussion on the topic,  Social Innovation and Systemic Change; Continuing Education, Credentialing, & Policy Making: Next Steps. As well, Blake will be presenting an interactive session on, " How do we build a common foundation of understanding in order to tackle the complex, interrelated challenges of the 21st century in a coherent and effective way?"

According to Melnick,

"This is like returning to my roots. Marlene and Carl were my mentors and IKIT in many ways still feels like home.  Their work has influenced both my thinking and approach to knowledge management, organizational learning and innovation  Their knowledge building principles and practices lie at the heart of KMIC's mission and mandate and serve as a major differentiator in KMIC's approach to Knowledge Management. I am absolutely delighted to be asked to take part in this event!"


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