KMIC CKO, Blake Melnick and Thomas Carey Introduce WINCan at Conference Board of Canada Meeting at the Bank of Canada

Monday, October 30, 2017

WINCan (Workplace Innovation In Canada)

KMIC has from its inception, been didicated to fostering workplace innovation in Canada in order to ensure Canadian organizations can effectively compete and contribute in a world which is increasing complex and forever changing. In order to become better at continuous nnovation, individuals and organizations need to re-examine how they think, work and learn. They need to look to change the structures which govern learning and workplace practices. We believe the current structures governing education date back to the Industrial Age and  are out of step with what is needed in the workplace and the global society at large.

If we are to be able to ensure students are "innovation capable" and provide them with the skills and competencies necessary to be  successful in a world characterized by disruptive change and a workforce, which is increasingly entrepreneurial and distributed, educational leaders and business leaders must work together to bridge the worlds of learning and work and treat the classroom "As a Workplace" where students are engaged experiential learning addressing the same problems and challenges as their counterparts in the field, gaining valuable work experience while they learn. We will be looking to launch a number of new education programs in 2018 focused "enabling innovation", which we hope will serve as a catalyst for re-thinking Education.