KM Processes

These modules focus on proven KM best practices, which have been adopted by a large number of successful organizations.

Topics include:

  • The Knowledge Audit - establishing a baseline of your organization's current knowledge and information sharing practices

  • The After Action Review - A focus on collective responsibility for continual improvement

  • Knowledge based succession planning - Identifying the present and future knowledge needs of your organization and developing the necessary leadership talent to ensuring sustainable growth

  • Legacy programs - transferring knowledge from experienced practitioners to support the onboarding of new recruits

  • Outcome Based Collaboration - how to ensure collaboration leads to the creation of new knowledge resulting in tangible business outcomes.

  • Creating a “Window to the Workshop” to improve your Project Management Process

  • Design Thinking - building a knowledge centric organization

  • Better Meetings - knowledge  intensive processes designed to improve how you conduct meetings

  • Onboarding - tapping into the knowledge lifecycle of your employees

  • Knowledge - Based Mentoring