KM Foundations Program

Change of any kind is difficult and successful change management is directly linked to the implementation of a successful knowledge management strategy.

The best way to accelerate the change management process and support organizational transformation including the adoption of a shared vision with a mandate for change is through an education program, which:

  • Builds a common understanding and language around Knowledge Management
  • Provides employees with actionable  strategies for embedding KM practices in the course of their daily tasks and activities
  • Illustrates commitment to the strategy; to the staff and to the goal of becoming a knowledge centric, learning organization
  • Addresses the critical, "What's in it for me?"

The KMIC, KM Foundations Program is designed to give employees a solid foundation of understanding of KM terminology, principles and practices. The foundation program is a 6 hour e-learning or onsite, KM primer designed to help communicate the KM imperative to employees in such a way, that they immediately see the "what's in it for me" and have the tools and understanding necessary to embed KM practices in their daily work.

This program will also be of interest to individuals new to knowledge management.


We offer two ways to take the KM Foundations Program:

1) One day course:

Cost: $599.00 + HST

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2) Online (materials provided via DVD)

Cost: $495.00 + HST

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Or, KMIC offers a 1 day Private Workshop for your organization (on-site or in our training facility)

Contact Us  Prices are based on the size of your group. Group discounts and site licenses are available.

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