To ensure Canadian Industries and companies thrive, prosper and lead in the global knowledge based economy

  • Developing knowledge management strategies which foster continual improvement and sustainable innovation
  • Putting the right knowledge in the hands of the right people at the right time.
  • Educating people in new ways of thinking, learning and working
  • Demonstrating a return on investment through the creation of new knowledge
  • Leading in the development of state of the art learning, technology, training and research methodologies which increase human performance
  • Identifying and protecting against critical knowledge loss as a result of workforce attrition
  • Ensuring Knowledge Management strategy becomes an integrated, central component of corporate strategy
  • Supporting the knowledge needs of the new workforce through better training, learning and professional development
  • Providing on-the-job and just-in-time access to a global body of knowledge necessary to improve operational effectiveness, safety and support for the evolution of best practices
  • Building and mobilizing knowledge building communities of practice to address large global challenges
  • Creating the capacity for organizations to manage change and build innovation into their work flow processes.

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