KM Programs

No matter what your background, the Knowledge Management Institute of Canada (KMIC) offers a variety of training options and convenient delivery formats.

Which is the best choice for you? Following is a brief summary description of your training options.

You can also check out what our past students are saying about KMIC courses and workshops by visiting our Testimonials page.

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2) Training courses:

KM Foundations

A primer  to communicate the KM imperative to employees in such a way, that they immediately see the "what's in it for me" and have the tools and understanding necessary to embed KM practices in their daily work.

3) Custom Solutions

KMIC offers a wide variety of customized certification and non-certification programs

1. Customization of Existing Programs - Ideal if your organization does not require full Certification but could benefit from the right mix of hand-picked modules from the program and a focus on the hot-button issues facing your organization today.

2. Fully Customized Industry / Organization Programs - KM  programs tailored to specific industries and industry standards as well as for individual organizations.

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