KMIC Consultation Services

KMIC provides professional consultation services to assist organizations in developing AND implementing successful and sustainable KM initiatives within their organizations.
The single most important critical success factor in the design and implementation of knowledge management strategy within an organization is the recognition that you will need to design or re-design your workforce structures to support your desired knowledge outcomes.

At KMIC, we believe that knowledge production, knowledge capture and knowledge transfer are integral to the work of knowledge age organizations. Knowledge management practices and activities must be part of everyone's job and as such, must not be seen as an add-on or an after thought. It must be a key componet of corporate strategy; embedded within the culture of the organization and supported by everything the organization does.

KMIC consultation services focus on helping organizations develop a knowledge centric approach to workforce planning and design. Our approach is not to treat KM as a separate organizational activity, rather to help organizations effectively communicate the knowledge imperative to employees and build engagement and buy in across the organization by addressing the central question in employee's minds "What's in in for me" We help organizations apply knowledge management processes and practices to dramatically improve the work they already do.

Workforce Planning, Design and Analysis
  • Change management strategies
  • Knowledge – based succession planning
  • Foundational knowledge programs to support communication and engagement strategies and accelerate the change management process
  • Knowledge audits and knowledge maps to measure the knowledge health of an organization, identify where critical knowledge resides, and develop the means for leveraging it to support elements of workforce planning.
  • Authoritative guides which put the right knowledge and information in the hands of the right people at the right time
  • KM strategy and KM planning
  • KM Roadmaps
  • Performance management
  • Best practice identification
  • Knowledge capture and transfer strategies
  • Employee engagement strategies
  • On-boarding and legacy programs
  • Social media strategy and design

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