Focus on Technologies of Use

KMIC is for the most part “technology neutral”. While we firmly believe technology is critical to information and knowledge management, knowledge building and knowledge transfer, we see technology as a means for supporting human effort, rather than the other way around. There is simply too much research data, which suggests the use of technology without the proper cultural alignment can actually serve to increase costs, and reduce efficiency and productivity of people and organizations. We believe the best technologies are those that people can actually use to support the achievement of desired goals, objectives and outcomes – both personal and for the organization as a whole.

The technologies, which KMIC will endorse, showcase and assist to develop will be those which meet the following criteria:

  • User centric
  • User configurable
  • User maintainable
  • Flexible, scalable and extensible
  • Produce a definable ROI for the individual and the organization
  • Support knowledge capture, building, transfer and re-use
  • Deliver a measurable increase in performance and productivity

In House Developed and Third Party Supported Technology Solutions

  • Spotlight – Differential Diagnostic System
  • Web based Knowledge Audits
  • Xpert – Expertise Locator System
  • Knowledge Xchange Systems -  desiged to support knowledge capture, knowledge transfer and knowledge creation
  • Content Management Systems
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Customer Rleationship Management Systems
  • Mobile KM systems

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