Certified Knowledge Manager

"As a teacher-researcher for OISE's knowledge building imperative, I was impressed with the way Blake Melnick and his team delivered the Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) course. I appreciated Blake's professionalism and flexibility to provide the knowledge and skills needed to apply knowledge management to my industry's problems. I gained a greater understanding and appreciation of knowledge management strategies after this workshop, and the provision of guest speakers (from different industries) helped me see how to implement these strategies in multiple contexts. I highly recommend this course, and I thank Blake and his team for providing such a wonderful experience!" (Cherry Rose Tan, OISE/UT June 2013)


"To Blake and Caroline and the rest of the Knowledge Management Institute of Canada Team
Thank you for the opportunity to present at your recent KMIC Event. The advancements and understanding of Knowledge Management are largely attributed to your continued dedication to education & best practices. The audience participation was exciting and provided real time solutions & recommendations to our on-going business strategies, we will make the most of their contributions"
I look forward to presenting again in the future.
PS – Thank you for the Life Time KMIC Professional Membership, I will display it proudly"(Grove Bennett - President, Dynamic Fuel Systems Inc. September, 2012)

"The course was very practical and it especially relates the classroom learning to real life situations. We were able to solve current organizational challenges as a team right there in class. I have been given the right knowledge, skills and tools to implement KM in Firstbank and the strategy of incorporating me into the KM community in Canada is really a great icing on the cake. The program was awesome !"(Gideon Ataraire - Team Lead - Knowledge Management, FirstBank of Nigeria, September 2012)

"We want to thank  Blake Melnick and the entire KMIC  team for the outstanding knowledge you have shared with us, we will surely keep in touch as we move forward "(Afolabi Oke - Executive Director Global Infoswift Technologies, September 2012)

"The CKM program provided me with (1) the tools to help executives connect KM with priority business strategies, and (2) an opportunity to address my own KM challenges through knowledge cafés for open innovation with others managers of KM" -(Oswald Zachariah, OMAFRA, June,  2012)

What benefited you most?

"I thought that Blake's knowledge and his ability to convey "thick" topics with ease was very beneficial. Equally of benefit was the interactive learning environment! "(Michael McCormick - Culture and Immigration Canada, February, 2013)

"The interaction and collaboration with other students as well as with the instructor and guest speakers" (Dr. Nwakanma, McGill University, February 2013)

"KM/KT theory, hands on KM/KT processes - collaboration, solutions cafe model (loved it!). Learning from the others in the group. Also loved the Knowledge Xchange." (Vivian Yoanidis, Hydro One, June 2012)

"The balance between theory and hands-on - the opinions and suggestions were invaluable."

 KM Professional Series Certification

"I just completed the program for Certified Knowledge Practitioners offered by KMIC and I found it very comprehensive and helpful. The course is composed of three components:

  • Class discussion – Very knowledgeable and engaging environment, discussing and brainstorming practical real- life cases raised from the students’ collaboration during the course.
  • Virtual training – Loved it! The KMI chairman, Douglas Weidner, is a master when it comes to teaching the right things with the right “dosage” and practicality.
  • Collaborative platform – Lots of capabilities for students sharing and discussions, extensive library of the resources, including KM/KS strategy, methodology, tools and technology, and all different aspects related to KM. Support and feedback from the academic and IT course directors is immediate.

I surely think KMIC is following and will exceed the great reputation of the International KMI, providing the highest standards in KM education in Canada. Greatly recommended to anyone in the field!"

(Diana Pushi, Senior Financial Analyst, City of Toronto, November 2011)

"Blake Melnick is a very engaging and knowledgeable speaker who uses a variety of teaching techniques to introduce the KM certificate program. The communication tools, resources and networking opportunities were exactly what I needed to ensure success. My first KM initiative, to create an internal SPP Admin Process Library, goes live to our staff in the beginning of the 2011 academic year." (Joanne O'Reilly, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto)

Social Media for Corporate Directors (Workshop and E-learning Program)

"The Executive of the Ontario Chapter of the Institute of Corporate Directors was not dissimilar to most senior management teams - we had a firmly held but loosely based opinion and understanding of what social media (SM) was all about and its potential impact upon corporate governance the role of corporate directors.  Blake Melnick and The Knowledge Managment Institute of Canada put together a reader's digest version of the main products and services that comprise the SM landscape. Better yet, Blake provided a private electronic learning environment  for members of the Executive to experiment with the various tools without fear of doing so in front of an auditorium of voyeurs in the real SM world. We now plan to use these tools as an integral part of running the Ontario Chapter. Bonus - most of us will confidently use these same tools in our businesses." (Tom Corcoran, Chair of the Ontario Chapter of the Institute of Corporate Directors)

 "It was an excellent session.  I learned a lot, and I don't think it was just an age-related thing" (Harver Schipper, Member of the Executive Board of the Ontario Chapter of The Institute of Corporate Directors)

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