Mark Krebs

SR&ED Senior Technical Advisor

Mark has an honours degree in physics from the University of Toronto. As well as a Masters degree in computer science from Carnegie-Mellon. He has had over twenty-five years of industry experience with companies that have developed successful new systems, in the areas of office automation (Kurzweil Computers, Boston); Bell Labs; real time graphic simulation (Ferranti-Packard), video and LCD (liquid crystal display) mass retailing systems (Telepanel). Mr. Krebs is the author of patents in the area of structured, multimedia document indexing and text retrieval, true multipoint-to-multipoint, packet-based video telecommunication; IP-based video transmission; and patents pending in mobile video transmission and
digital video and audio codec optimization.

Mark has prepared SR&ED technical submissions for several hundred corporate clients since 1994. Many have been prepared for Canada’s largest and smaller accounting firms, for a broad spectrum of engineering and software development.