Announcing the next iteration of KM & Workplace Innovation!

Monday, September 9, 2019

BEGINNING on November 1st, 2019

The Knowledge Management Institute of Canada (KMIC) is Excited to Announce the Launch of the Second Iteration of the Revolutionary Accreditation Program in Knowledge Management.

“KM and Workplace Innovation”


The result of over four years of intensive research aimed at understanding innovation at a deep level, and specifically how to identify and unlock the innovation dynamic in people and organizations in order to improve their capacity and capability for innovation. 

According to Blake Melnick, KMIC’s CEO and Chief Knowledge Officer, 

“This program represents a fantastic learning opportunity for students on so many levels. Students will not only understand the relationship between KM and Innovation, they will also experience a new model of learning which treats the “classroom as the workplace” allowing them to engage in purposeful knowledge creation, while directly contributing to innovation in Canada. They will have the opportunity to apply what they learn in the program immediately to address authentic, real world, forward looking challenges posed by two of Canada’s leading innovative organizations, The Bank of Canada and the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation”