Please read the testimonials from our most recent 'KM and Workplace Innovation' Graduates!

Wednesday, December 11, 2019


“I absolutely loved this course! I have gained an extensive amount of knowledge with respect to innovation and knowledge management and sharing. In addition, the course provided unanticipated learnings of working in distributed teams. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the two projects, specifically the CMHC challenge we worked on and the struggles of affordable housing availability. The course helped me develop skills that are directly applicable to the work I do and will help to further my career goals. It has fueled a fire to learn more about innovation and knowledge management and its importance in today's world. I strongly recommend this course! “(Nicole McArthur, WSIB)

“I was able to provide positive feedback to my peers and professors at my University” (Babak Mokri, University of Toronto)

“Very thought provoking and eye opening training and discussions” (Jossana Sousa, CMHC)