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Finding the Right People with the Right Knowledge at the Right Time

Knowledge Management has only recently become an imperative for many organizations. Finding the right talent to help build your knowledge management practice is critical. The challenge is who to turn to for help? Very few traditional recruiters and recruiting firms understand the required competencies, attributes and characteristics for knowledge management roles and even fewer know where to target their search for high caliber candidates or how to conduct an effective interview of potential candidates.

We performed a "soft launch" of CareerSight© a little over a year ago based on the idea that there was a need for a cost effective, value add service for our members, knowledge management professionals seeking employment opportunities, and for organizations looking to recruit for knowledge management roles...We were right!

What We Learned

  • CareerSight© was used mostly by not for profits and industry associations. This tells us that organizations that have smaller or more constrained operating budgets, appreciate a less expensive alternative to hiring recruiters.
  • Users see the value of targeting their search towards a knowledge management focused, membership-based organization with extensive field experience along with experience training KM professionals for positions in a wide range of organizations, sectors and industries.

We were very pleased with the results of the proof of concept and have decided to incorporate and expand CareerSight© into a core service at the Institute.


  • Are you looking to fill a knowledge management role within your organization?
  • Are you looking for help developing the position profile and the job description?
  • Do you need an assessment instrument or interview guide to ensure you can attract and hire the best candidate?
  • Do you need an experienced KM professional to assist with the candidate selection process?
  • Do you need to target your job posting to a community of KM experts rather than individuals with little or no KM experience?

Recent Grads and Experienced KM Professionals

  • Are you looking for new career opportunity in the KM field?
  • Are you tired of looking for KM positions through internet job boards or using headhunters that have little or no experience KM?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, we can help.

We have trained more KM professionals from private corporations, not for profits, and public sector organizations than any other firm in Canada. We can help ensure you find the right person to fill the KM role within your organization.

CareerSight© - How it Works

We've designed the CareerSight© service to be flexible and taliorable to suit your needs and your budget. We have a number of different options for utilizing the service:

Option 1 - CareerSight© Lite

Register with CareerSight© (LINK HERE TO REGISTRATION FORM) and submit your job profile. We will feature the opportunity on our website, include it in our newsfeeds, as well as in a direct mail-out to our members and member organizations - your posting will reach every KM professional within our networked community.

Option 2 - CareerSight© Basic

Need help creating your position profile. We can help with that as well. Register with CareerSight© and complete our profile questionaire. We will take the information you provide, create an appropriate job profile for the position and market the position through the same channels described in CareerSight© Lite

Option 3 - CareerSight© Advanced

In addition to the options described in CareerSight© Lite & CareerSight© Basic, we will also provide you with a detailed interview guide to help you through the recruitment process.

Option 4 CareerSight© Custom

This option has us involved in the end to end recruitment and hiring process, from creating the position profile, advertising the position, developing the interview material and participating in the interview process.

CareerSight© Pricing

CareerSight© Option Non-Member Free Member Professional Member Corporate Member

CareerSight© Lite

$275.00 $250.00 $200.00 $175.00

CareerSight© Basic

$500.00 $450.00 $350.00 $300.00

CareerSight© Advanced

$750.00 $700.00 $600.00 $500.00

CareerSight© Custom

$750+TM* $700 +TM* $600 + TM* $500 +TM*

*TM - Time and Materials


Career Site Pricing - Non Member


CareerSight Pricing - Professional Members


CareerSight Pricing - Corporate Members